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DIFFICULT Reinforce Wounds

Difficult healing wounds are not seen as often, but a serious therapeutic problem. Are usually located in the lower extremities. Serious disturbances in irrigation cause their emergence. Byurger disease, diabetes, varicose veins, zalezhavane are common diseases, leading to such lesions. It is recommended to be handled with rivanol rather than oxygen water. The last dry tissues. Yodoseptat to apply for a short time in the presence of bacterial infection. Yodosept continued use can cause burning of tissue in some cases. This fact not always considered. Therapeutic care is worth preparing ointment containing hlornitromitsi, anestezin, vitamins A and D in a mazilkova base, enriched with peruvianski balm. Suppressing pain. Acting antibacterial. Stimulate the recovery of tissues. It is applied once daily to the wound. It is the last to be clean, without pus or necrosis (dead) tissue. In a large wound dressing is made. Sound around the wound site is obtriva camphoric with alcohol. The latter enhances the flow of blood and nutrients to the injured site. Improves blood and internal administration of certain drugs - trental, agapurin, aspirin, antistenokardin. In extremely severe cases apply ointment post neprol preparing to BAS - Institute of Physiology. That ointment is not popular in therapeutic environments. It must be remembered and preparation in the pharmacy "Vishnevski, as a first step in the treatment of a difficult wound healing. More information about the treatment of those wounds interested can get in dermatologically pharmacy "Son and Ouzounov".

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