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Dermatologically Pharmacies

Skin often spoke on the condition of many internal organs, provided a specialist to understand the "language" J. dermatology is helpless without magistral (is preparing) medicinal forms. This is demonstrated by the German dermatolozi. Not accidentally dermatologically extemporaneous forms of the past and have not yet lost its therapeutic significance. Typical example in this respect is losionat "Polifortin. Apply in seboreen dermatitis and acne. Superior in effect and many ready antiseboreyni anti-acne lotions. Pilifortinat are identifying as the stage of disease and the particularities of the skin. Reduced omaznyavaneto hair for a long period and minimize existing dandruff. Suitable for adolescents and adults. During its implementation should be banned all cosmetics. To wash your hair 2-3 times a week with soap pitchy. After washing with obliva be beaten or nistatin nizoral tablets. Then the hair is not izplakva and deleted. In acne a pad impregnated with a pad is pilifortin pustule. Where the latter is a broad-based pad is longer. The goal is to burn bud. Pustule never guts. Otherwise, a yeast origin of new buds. It is forbidden to shave youth with pustule. Pilifortinat if need be combined with antibiotic ointment. At the acne is prohibited consumption of sweet things. The latter enhances the spread of yeast entities. In several consecutive editions dermatologically pharmacy "Blue Ouzounov and will inform readers about the proven classic in the treatment of psoriasis, healing of difficult wounds of ragadite of mammary glands, the tumors of solar dermatosis of rozatseeto and many other skin diseases.
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