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These are varicose veins of the colon in which zastoyava blood caused a defect in the valves of the veins. Dead blood leads to the formation of nodes in the veins. They are itchy and often very painful. For tumors has survivor predisposition. Hot vreche is sick of the plague of hemorrhoids. Constipation exacerbate the disease. Therefore of great importance is the act of normalizing defekatsiya. Good therapeutic effect has bathroom with cold extract of sumac. A more liquid foods softener faecal mass. To prohibit beer and spices. The last highly irritating the lining of the colon.
The number of topical ointment effect is too large. Experience shows that are preparing embrocation Dr. Valev and master-Ouzounov pharmacist are the best therapeutic effect. They suppress itch, pain and learn quickly bleeding, running strong anti-inflammatory. Embrocation "Ouzounov has a stronger painkiller effect. Often requires a combination of ointment etc. "venotonichni" means. These are drugs that stir the blood in the ditch intravenous system - endotelon, venoruton, venalot landfill troksevazin. After control of symptoms ointment is applied to reinforce the effect twice a week after defekatsiya.

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