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Redness of skin, severe morbidity, the occurrence of blisters, fever often have characteristic symptoms. The juice of cucumber and yoghurt are always the first treatment available. Subsequently burned skin is abundant with namazva deflamol. The last may be included anestezin to control pain. Adding hlornitromitsin profilaktira possible bacterial complications. Madekasol lily also has good therapeutic effect. Should not be underestimated and liniment kalkariya. Best is the effect of the prepared ointment containing hlorotsid, anestezin, vitamin A and vitamin "D" in the mazilkova basis. This ointment in "Pirogov" use a beautiful result in all kinds of burns. Blisters that appears in no case should care. Burned, dead skin itself falls. Burning is very susceptible to infection because of reduced immune protection. Geritaminat facilitates the formation of new skin. The best preventive factors are cooling sunburn ointment and cocoa butter - allow the skin to obtain even a bronze suntan without burning, passing the beach all oils.
About sonny boy burning can learn in a private pharmacy "Uzunov and son.

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