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To help the patient
Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is edegenerativno disease of motor neurons. Sick people of working age - between 20 and 40 years. Prevalent among women patients. Europe, America and Australia are affected. Asia and Africa are more spared. The clinical picture is extremely diverse. Almost no two patients share the same clinic. One combines all - the plaques in the head and spinal cord. Regardless of the form and stage of disease, patients must comply with some recommendations:
1. To keep from viral infections. They may also worsen the disease.
2. Morning to do respiratory exercises. It is tonic respiratory muscles. To improve breathing. Increasingly be cathartic function of the lung. To facilitate the discharge of its accumulated secretions. Breathing exercises is mandatory for patients in one place. Slow uptake of air through his nose retention in the lung and slow exhalation through it again is the essence of this gym. Gymnastics is recommended for all patients with limited motor activity.
3. At least twice a year to MS patients do you prevent urinary tract with urinary disinfectants. This need arises from the fact that the bladder is not always completely empty. It urine, in which microorganisms grow. Permanent microorganisms worsened excretory function of kidneys. This is often in a still ill. All patients with MS is mandatory to drink liters to 1.5 liters of water per day. Turn to mineral water to tap. In time, experience the warm water to 2 liters a day. It is the legs of patients with MS are still warm.
4. Motor activity of active muscle groups, maintain the possibility of movement. This is especially important for still sick. Even if a finger is able to move, you must do this. Movement has even in pain. If such use otpuskateli of muscle spasms - baklofen, midokalm, miolastan. By motion slows the progression of muscle atrophy. Massage muscle is useful exercises sui generis and movement.
5. Common are fungal nail infections of the lower limbs, especially in difficult patients moving. These fungi must be hard to treat. Should not be allowed to circulate in your legs.
6.Zapekat is common in these patients. It is necessary to use physiological methods for its control - in the course of the massage the colon, and squat up, drinking on an empty stomach of natural orange juice consumption rose jam (good laxative effect). In the absence of the effect of those priyomi laxative agents are included, and for a short time. Laxative drugs are rotated in order to obtain familiarization.
MS patients should be aware of these recommendations. Hardly any attention is so important for these things!

Vratsa association of patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Headquarters: Vratsa Street Hristancho Matov " 8, tel: 62 05 49
President and wrote the exhibition:
Ivan Uzunov,
clinical pharmacist-Master














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