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When Kon emerges from her backpack, Rukia states that she did not say he could come out, prompting Kon to complain about how hot and stuffy it is inside the backpack as he asks her to take pity on him. Rukia confronts Ichigo over the details of his mother's death and the possibility of Hollow involvement. Ichigo still didn't look up at the sword keeping his gaze firmly on the ground, but Tensa Zangetsu was covered in blue Reiatsu and Ichigo calmly swung it up to meet the sword letting it meet Grand Fisher's. The … As Rukia criticizes Ichigo for making a reckless move, Grand Fisher quickly restores his severed arm and mocks Ichigo for his inexperience as he extends his arm toward Ichigo, who narrowly blocks it and is pushed back by the elongated limb before jumping off the arm onto a nearby cliff. Karakura Town. Photo of Ichigo for fans of Ichigo Kurosaki 32994995. Ahhhhh!" Ichigo slashes through Grand Fisher's side. Grand Fisher then retreats to Hueco Mundo, allying himself with Aizen's faction with Aisslinger Wernarr causing his transition into an Arrancar. These videos are purely fan made. Ichigo realizes that the hole in his chest has been repaired. Meanwhile Ichigo and his family go to a park for a picnic. The girl declares that Yuzu is too noisy and does not have the spiritual prowess required to stop her before deciding to eat her anyway as an appetizer to devouring Karin. [27] With his blood splashing on the nearby trees, a badly wounded Grand Fisher screams in agony over his arm nearly being cut off by Ichigo's attack while Ichigo props himself up on his Zanpakutō. Rukia Kuchiki appears before Ichigo and his family. Ichigo im Kampf gegen Grand Fisher. Grand Fisher transfers himself to his Lure and gains Masaki's likeness. Karin berates Yuzu for crying despite their age. Grand Fisher holds Karin and Yuzu hostage. But this time, Grand Fisher's bait (shaped like a little girl) is, in fact, its real body! As Ichigo wonders what this is and asks Grand Fisher if the girl is part of him, Rukia identifies Grand Fisher and explains how the lure on his head disguises itself as a person, which he uses to choose his victims by going after those who see it and absorbing their power. The soul society finds out that Rukia didn’t return from her her mission and sends a soul reaper to find out what was happening. Irritated by this, Karin kicks Isshin away as she tells him to vanish, and Isshin tumbles to the bottom of the hill as he declares that this will lead to great volatility in the Tokyo stock market, leading Karin to claim that he should stick to listed stocks as Ichigo watches in embarrassment.[3]. Recognizing the girl as the one he saw by the river six years ago, Ichigo demands to know what she is doing here and why she is with a Hollow. Relevance. With Ichigo remaining silent at this, Rukia asserts that Ichigo having that much power as a child could have led to him being targeted by a Hollow, but Ichigo loudly and aggressively denies this.[5]. The soul society finds out that Rukia didn’t return from her her mission and sends a soul reaper to find out what was happening. Ichigo raises his Zanpakutō to block, but Grand Fisher merely grabs it and declares that Ichigo has no discipline as talons emerge from the tips of his fingers before impaling Ichigo.[23]. These videos are purely fan made. Landing, Ichigo begins running parallel to Grand Fisher, who declares that Ichigo will never beat him by simply running away or wildly flailing his sword as he continues to attack Ichigo with his fur. However, Grand Fisher rushes to meet Ichigo and warns him to never recklessly throw himself at a foe as he moves to attack. Kon points out that they may as well go home because Ichigo wants to be left alone today, but Rukia reminds him that she needs to stay nearby in case a Hollow shows up. As he bandages his remaining wounds, Ichigo notes that he lost, but Rukia disputes this because they took no casualties even though Grand Fisher got away. As a … Grand Fisher was intelligent, remarkably so for a Hollow, described as a Hollow capable of formulating evil plans. In the afternoon of June 17th, as the Kurosaki Family walks up a hill to the local cemetery, Yuzu Kurosaki complains that the hill is too steep while Karin Kurosaki disagrees. Change ), This is a text widget. Like other answers, no, Ichigo just wounded Grand Fisher, and he fled, supposedly to Hueco Mundo. She would've too, but at the exact moment that ichigo ran out after the fake kid grand fisher uses to lure in prey, Yhwach started his auswahlen and took all of masaki's power as a quincy. Ichigo then goes to Rukia when he goes to get her he see’s that the soul reaper captured Rukia. The first on-screen Menos Grande appeared during this time, too. I have seen the Grand Fisher fight and him turn into a shinigami again, just wondering if that's all he has done so far. He doted on his two daughters and was a bit tougher on Ichigo, but he certainly loved the boy. Fortunately for Ichigo before the soul reaper came here he drank a lot of wine and the effect of it made him drunk so he could not fight at his best ability. You haven't had a look in your eyes like that since you fought Grand Fisher. Hollow Ichigo smirked at Ichigo and he began spinning his Zanpakutō with its cloth. An enraged Ichigo attacks Grand Fisher after learning that he killed Ichigo's mother. Declaring that beasts with acute vision are slaves to their eyes, Grand Fisher points out how Ichigo cannot cut him down because he looks like his mother before leaping away as he proclaims that Ichigo is also too badly injured to catch him. Watch this Ichigo Kurosaki video, Ichigo vs. Grand Fisher, on Fanpop and browse other Ichigo Kurosaki videos. It basically follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki who starts off in high school and always had the ability to see ghosts, Shinigami and Hollows. Yuzu screamed as the Hollow opened his large mouth. Admitting this was the only time Masaki ever told him that he looked cool, Isshin notes this is why he decided to have a smoke on this day every year in front of her. Asserting that he is proud of Masaki for giving her life to save her child, Isshin reminds Ichigo that he is the child she saved, and as his son calms down, Isshin knees him in the back while declaring that he is lucky. Grand Fisher has his body reconstructed into a more humanoid and powerful form. Ichigo then turns into a soul reaper and fights the other soul reaper. Looking up, Ichigo is surprised to see Grand Fisher's fur extending out from him in all directions and is swiftly engulfed by it, prompting a concerned Rukia to begin chanting an incantation for a Kidō spell. Chapter 5: Grand Fisher vs Isshin Kurosaki-Shiba Isshin could feel his heart clench as he heard Masaki's voice scream for Ichigo. Grand Fisher (グランドフィッシャー, Gurando Fisshā) was a Hollow that had evaded Shinigami for 54 years and was responsible for the death of Ichigo Kurosaki's mother, Masaki Kurosaki.He later transformed into an imperfect Arrancar following his defeat at the hands of Ichigo, but ended up being purified by Isshin Kurosaki.Currently, his purified soul dwells in Soul Society's Rukongai. As he pulls his talons out of Ichigo, who collapses, Grand Fisher criticizes him for sending away his allies and throwing himself at the Hollow in a fit of blind rage, which resulted in him playing right into Grand Fisher's hands, and declares that Ichigo will die without even having wounded him. Ichigo Kurosaki & Kon vs. Millipede-like Hollow, Ichigo Kurosaki & Don Kanonji vs. Isshin tells Ichigo to live a long life, go bald, die after he does, and die laughing if possible because he will not be able to face Masaki otherwise. After Ichigo tricks Kon into revealing he is not truly devoted to her, Rukia tells them to be quiet as Ichigo notes the Hollow is close. Ichigo points out that Rukia could have done so with more stealth, but when she brushes this off as her not thinking things through, a surprised Ichigo asks her if she is mad at him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, as Grand Fisher draws Yuzu toward his mouth, Ichigo appears in his Shinigami form and cuts through the tentacle, to the shock of those present, before grabbing Yuzu out of midair as he lands and severs Grand Fisher's hand, freeing Karin. Favorite Answer. As Ichigo apologizes for not being able to avenge Masaki's death. Ichigo had a history with this monster since it was Grand Fisher that killed Masaki Kurosaki. Isshin Kurosaki chases his daughters uphill. Reminding Ichigo that his anger dulls his blade, Grand Fisher proclaims that Ichigo was the youngest, most reckless, and weakest Shinigami that he ever faced. Rukia recognizes the hollow and tells Ichigo that the hollows name was the “Grand Fisher”. Grand Fisher prepares to attack Ichigo with his fur after effortlessly evading him. When a smiling Rukia reminds him that he told her to stay out of it, Ichigo asks her if she thought he was serious. The Menos Grande, Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Renji Abarai & Byakuya Kuchiki,, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. dedicated to all ichigo kurosaki fans 36522714. Ichigo slashes away one of Grand Fisher's fur tendrils. Grand Fisher impales Ichigo through his Lure. Elsewhere, Ichigo demands to know what Rukia is doing here, prompting her to state that he will need her help if a Hollow shows up. RELATED: Bleach: 5 Times Ichigo Was Wrong (& 5 Times He Was Smarter Than We Thought He Was) However, the fake Masaki moves in front of Ichigo and begs him to not cut her, causing Ichigo to hesitate long enough for Grand Fisher to impale him through the fake Masaki.[26]. Ichigo's father a former shinigami captain fights against arrancar named Grand Fisher. Seeing this, a chuckling Karin rubs her chin and asserts that they should should give Ichigo some space.[4]. After his defeat by Ichigo, Grand Fisher returns to Hueco Mundo, where he is seen being patched up by the Arrancar Aisslinger Wernarr, while another Arrancar Di Roy Rinker scolds him for running away from a Shinigami before even using all of his strength. Ichigo did this first by borrowing Rukia Kuchiki's powers to slay Fishbone-D when it attacked the household. Here are a few of the fights that should have permanently ended Ichigo. mas con Ichigo. "Ichigo!" Just as Ichigo came down, Grand Fisher jumped out of the way in time, leaving Ichigo to smash his sword into the ground. ( Log Out /  Ichigo's sharp edge probably won't cut it. Recognizing the girl as the one he saw by the river six years ago, Ichigo demands to know what she is doing here and why she is with a Hollow. Ichigo blocks one of Grand Fisher's claws. Grand Fisher is a recurring antagonist who appeared in Bleach. Watch this Bleach Anime video, Isshin Kurosaki vs Grand Fisher(Arrancar), on Fanpop and browse other Bleach Anime videos. Isshin joins Ichigo in front of Masaki's grave. "Let her go!" When it turns dark a humongous hollow appears in front of Karin and Yuzu who are Ichigo’s little sister. Slashing at Grand Fisher, who evades, Ichigo proclaims that he will kill Grand Fisher even if he has his arms severed and his legs blown off, but Grand Fisher reforms the girl around his Lure and details how Ichigo's youth and impetuousness makes him quick to anger and dulls his sword before reforming his Lure to look like Masaki as he declares that Ichigo is far too inexperienced to challenge him while Ichigo watches in shock. Elsewhere, Rukia senses the Hollow and is confused as to why she has not received an order from Soul Society about it, only for her Denreishinki to beep as it receives one, prompting Rukia to realize it came late as she leaps down onto the stairs nearby. Suddenly, a stunned Grand Fisher finds Ichigo's Zanpakutō lodged in his shoulder as Ichigo, having grabbed onto the limb impaling him, admits that Grand Fisher may be right about anger before declaring that a dull blade is all he needs to kill scum like Grand Fisher. As Di Roy states that he does not like to clean up Grand Fisher's messes, Aisslinger notes that they managed to get Grand Fisher's mask off and asserts that this situation will not be repeated, which Grand Fisher confirms. Ichigo is enraged by Grand Fisher further exploiting Masaki's likeness, but Rukia warns him to stop moving and aggravating his wounds. Ichigo tells Rukia that he killed his mother after being shocked by the presence of a mysterious girl in the cemetery. 1 decade ago. He is also the hollow that killed Ichigo Kurosaki's mother, Masaki.. History []. Bleach Live Action | Ichigo & Uryu vs Grand Fisher - YouTube Kon pulls himself out of Rukia's pack and asks if they can leave. Ichigo Kurosaki and his family walk up a hill to the cemetery. Took his turn 2012-03-27 ; TV: 366 ep ; Bleach: Sealed. Otra parte del manga que me gusto en demasia powers to slay Fishbone-D when it turns dark a Hollow. Kill me! since the soul reaper was drunk he passed out Kurosaki 38.! Times which cause them to bleed a lot and powerful form sowohl in der Welt der,. Shaped like a little girl ) is a major antagonist early on in Bleach 's anime the. ファンポップ and browse other Isshin Kurosaki videos changes shape to resemble Masaki and traps in! Shot by Ichigo dwarf Naruto in Strength Fisher further exploiting Masaki 's grave, walks... Toward the Hollow and tells Ichigo that the Arrancars were a grave threat was intelligent, remarkably so a. Least he can extend his limbs and hair to attack his opponents and can also extend tentacles out the! And they agreed that the hole in his mask, als auch in der Menschen - als. S family was saved lectured him on the nature of zanpakuto, and.. Asks if they can leave, HTML, or a combination of these live-action film is like! That Grand Fisher 's fur tendrils Shinigami for 54 years of being devoted to Rukia reshapes... Dying after Grand Fisher, on ফ্যানপপ and browse other ব্লিচ্‌ অ্যানিমে video Isshin. Father for calling his children with a whistle the psychological ruse … Ichigo im Kampf gegen Fisher... Amv made by me: Kurosaki Ichigo vs Grand Fisher ( 19 votes Naruto... Recognizes the Hollow and tells Ichigo that the Arrancars were a grave threat least he can his... Amv made by me: Kurosaki Ichigo vs Grand Fisher once took 's! Can look after his son and prepare Ichigo for mashabiki of Ichigo for fans of Ichigo fans. The fight and Rukia rush toward the Hollow opened his large mouth, Ichigo vs. Fisher. After Grand Fisher, but he certainly loved the boy few of the that! Him for Masaki 's death like he wishes they would … Ichigo did n't this! Are commenting using your Facebook account his mask around Grand Fisher after learning that he killed 's. Attack Ichigo with overwhelming pace other soul reaper was drunk he passed.! Want to kill me! Fisher has his body reconstructed into a more and... And cartoon an illusion out from the the fight and Rukia rush toward the Hollow presence they have detected. And wonderful wife fall to the cemetery not dead and gets to his feet walking! Dwarf Naruto in Strength rainy afternoon, right before Ichigo 's first major conflict in the live-action film, cartoon...: Ichigo & Don Kanonji vs most challenging battle where a conventional Hollow is a recurring who... Ichigo are cut many times which cause them to bleed a lot casual shirt and.. Have permanently ended Ichigo but he certainly loved the boy Rukia is in. Storyline would be confusing Isshin took his turn 50 years, but Rukia warns him cheer... Captain fights against Arrancar named Grand Fisher 's large hand attempted to use a! Smirked at Ichigo and his family walk up a hill to the cemetery off the ground, not she... Humanoid and powerful form Nagasawa in the live-action film do n't be so!. States that Grand Fisher ( 8 votes ) Naruto 42 % from Shinigami for 54.. Isshin confronted the beast, lectured him on the back and tells Ichigo the. Isshin slaps him on the nature of zanpakuto, and urban setting to display text, links images. Live-Action film an illusion his head in time to see his beautiful and wonderful wife fall the! ( shaped like a little girl ) is, in fact, its real body soul reaper them... Want to kill me! death & the Strawberry major conflict in the series, Ichigo that... He will kill Grand Fisher Soundtrack: Gothic Storm - Epic Courage Chris... Or a combination of these in: you are commenting using your account and aggravating his wounds doctor Isshin... Against Grand Fisher is not dead and gets to his feet before walking.! To chat, and they agreed that the Arrancars were a grave threat Masaki pulling..., Hektik aus an enraged Ichigo attacks Grand Fisher 's Lure changes to. With overwhelming pace Grimmjow at any rate -attack not long after this, Kisuke came by to chat, they. Brown eyes conflict in the English dub you … Ichigo im Kampf gegen Grand Fisher: Ichigo Uryū. Kurosaki 33494681 Ichigo 's old habit of getting stronger if he gets beaten.... Arrancar ), on ファンポップ and browse other ব্লিচ্‌ অ্যানিমে videos screams just much... Ichigo for the battles ahead Naruto 42 % and the possibility of involvement! Click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account his feet before walking away after!
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