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People also ask What does Urban Dictionary mean in Urban Dictionary? And I was freaking out because I was worried he was stealthing me.”. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Someone (typically a woman) who leads people (typically men) on sexually without having any interest in actually consummating. “Darren and I have been really getting into BDSM lately there’s a local kink community that has pretty regular meet-ups and they are awesome.”. Etymology: Golden shower literally describes urine flowing down over someone, since pee is typically somewhat yellowish — however often in golden shower porn, it’s much closer to clear, since performers drink a lot of water in order to be able to urinate more, which means they’re more hydrated, which dilutes the color of the pee. Can be quite dangerous and lead to brain injury or even death if performed improperly. Meaning butt-licking, essentially. Yuck!”. Share Share Tweet Email. The most talented musician to walk the earth in his time. A sex term for a group of three or more people each performing sex acts on the next person. Compared to condoms, dental dams are not nearly as popular, however. A karen is a kind of person who is unhappy when little things don t go their way. DTF is an adjective indicating that a person is broadly ready to engage in sex acts, or possibly ready to do so with a specific person. 69 is also considered to be one of the “cool” numbers, along with 420 (cannabis) and 666 (the devil). Can also be done in an all-woman iteration featuring female ejaculation. Etymology: Popularized by the 1972 porn film “Deep Throat,” which featured a woman who received sexual pleasure from having deep oral penetration. Term for a man who is cheated on by his wife, often by bigger/stronger men known as “bulls,” often while he watches, often while he masturbates, often while he is verbally or physically abused by his wife/the other man or men. “Guys really need to wash their junk! Unique Riley Name Meaning Urban Dictionary Posters designed and sold by artists. malachi name meaning urban dictionary January 11, 2021 January 11, 2021 Comments Off on malachi name meaning urban dictionary January 11, 2021 Comments Off on malachi name meaning urban dictionary Like the genitals, the perineum (rim of the anus) has lots of nerve endings, and if it’s been cleaned, licking it won’t be dangerous to the giver. Term for when a guy having penetrative sex while using a condom quietly slips the condom off without his partner noticing, then continues to have sex unprotectedly. “I was so sure that we were going to hook up, but their roommate kept on dragging us into conversations about politics and stuff. “The last guy I matched with on Tinder wanted to know if I’d ever sucked a pierced dick.” “Wow! Can also be used as a verb, denoting the same act. Etymology: The phrase gained popularity on Twitter, likely initially being used by African-American users, in 2014. Etymology: The term is a noun derived from the adjective “quick,” or fast. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Etymology: The term “cuckolding” comes from the word “cuckoo,” since, for the cuckoo bird species, the female often entertains multiple male sexual partners. “I’m so jealous of guys who have the money to pay for the full girlfriend experience. Etymology: A supposed description of the visual of red blood smears on either side of someone’s mouth like literal red wings drawn on their face. Urban Dictionary. The 37 Most Disgusting Urban Dictionary Definitions Ever Slang term for an accumulation of fecal matter around the entrance to the vagina after a heterosexual couple switches from anal to vaginal penetration. Urban definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Pegging is a sex act where a man’s anus is penetrated, typically by a dildo or other anus-focused sex toy, often by a person without a penis, sometimes manually and sometimes using a strap-on. Not particularly common in the 21st century. Can be done with both participants lying sideways, with one person on their back and another on top, or with one person standing and the other person upside down. cum synonyms, cum pronunciation, cum translation, English dictionary definition of cum. Often indicates rubbing yourself against another person in a public place, which is a sex crime. Kakudi blamed the rift between traditional rural communities and the Sanco-aligned urban communities on forced detribalisation during apartheid years when people were forced to move to "wh urban" areas in search of work.. ANC Daily News Briefing A Jamaican Patois word meaning ' You All '. Functions as a noun and also as a verb. Obama has the characteristics of a clinical psychopath. Etymology: Asphyxiation comes from the Greek word “asphuxa” meaning “without pulse,” but in English means losing the ability to breathe. Much sought-after. sadistic definition by Urban Dictionary. Worst case of blue balls ever, man.”. Bomboclaat Is The New Sco Pa Tu Manaa On Twitter It’s a term that refers to having fun. That’s why I knew she was absolutely DTF.”, RELATED: Signs She Wants to Have Sex, Revealed. Recently, we’ve been scoping … lute: [ lo̳t ] 1. a substance such as cement, wax, or clay that coats a joint area to make a tight seal; called also luting agent. The Answers to the effect were through the Leaflets by us checked, before we then the User insights in the whole range check. Do you need a Demogorgon? chip meaning urban dictionary. Potentially a reference to “glory” as a type of extreme sexual pleasure. Porn genre of Japanese origin where someone (typically a woman) is covered in semen by a group of male participants ejaculating on her, often in a circular formation. In America, people often associate sex with baseball lingo. , the site contains over 5.01 million definitions. Urban definition: Urban means belonging to, or relating to, a town or city. “After I told him I wanted to experiment with rape play, we came up with a safeword together… ‘Pineapple.’”. An older woman (often in her late 30s to 50s) who specifically seeks out male sexual partners significantly younger than herself, either for casual sex or for romantic relationships. Calves (Legs) Dream. “I was super excited for her to go down on me, but when she pulled down my pants, she said, ‘I can’t suck on this, this is a chode.’”, Something you can ask a dominatrix to perform on you, if someone hurting you via torturing your genitals sounds arousing. Term for a sexy man with stereotypically father-like/masculine qualities — often older, physically strong, and financially well-off. Betrügerische Online Casinos sind relativ selten, da es sich relativ zügig herumspricht, wenn Echtgeldseiten ihre Gewinner nicht auszahlen. It’s incredibly hot.”. No way. Planes typically fly closer to 6 or 7 miles above ground at cruising altitude, but “Mile high club” has a nice ring to it. Also used as an adjective to describe the porn genre where this happens. Slang term that’s popular in the gay community for penetrative anal sex done without a condom. Hell no!”. 1: 1 0. n. Semen. Because it’s all bottoms and no tops?”. Dating euphemism based around the popular streaming service for a night where you invite someone over to your place ostensibly to “watch Netflix and chill” but actually, the primary motivation is to have sex together. Browse Vote Cart Dictionary Ype Any Word Activity Top Definition. A white-ish, cheese-like substance that can form under a man’s foreskin if he doesn’t clean it regularly. n. Vulgar Slang Variant of come. But it did make me kind of curious.“. It has become harder to join post-9/11 due to increased airline regulation and security measures. Etymology: DTF is simply short for “down to f*ck” — “down” here meaning “willing” and “ready.”, “We Tinder matched at 11:15 and she had invited me over for drinks before midnight. In a vein with other iconically named slang terms like “Hot Karl” (any sex act where one participant’s feces gets on the other’s body), “Rusty Trombone,” (giving a person a rimjob and a handjob simultaneously), “Donkey Punch” (punching a woman behind her head while having anal sex), and “Blumpkin” (receiving a blowjob on a toilet while defecating), it’s something that seems to exist more for teenage boys to joke about than as an an actual sex act or term. Etymology: So named because of the perception that viewers crave seeing the moment of male orgasm, and the movie wouldn’t be worth anything without it. Replaces the word “No” or “Don’t” or “Stop” when people want to engage in sex where a dominant partner ignores a submissive partner’s pleas. Slang term for two women who have both slept with the same person. Typically composed of a mixture of sweat, skin cells and semen and carrying a strongly unpleasant taste. Etymology: The numbers 6 and 9 look like two people facing each other while lying in different directions — just like two people who are 69ing. Not a very nice meaning but a lovely name! buckwheat meaning urban dictionary. Most often used by older generations . “I’ve been watching so much bukkake porn that now when I see a cinnamon roll, I feel like it’s sexual.”. I guess we both got what we wanted.”, RELATED: Ejaculation Etiquette, Explained. Since sex without a condom can feel more intense, stealthing might seem like an easy way to get around a partner wanting you to wear a condom — but it could then lead to STI transmission or unwanted pregnancies. 2. rowdy, raucous, or rough activities that have a playful or intimate intention. A term in the gay community for a big, chunky, hairy gay man. Yuan definition is - the basic monetary unit of the People's Republic of China. Etymology: The term had been in use in other senses since the early 19th century, but gained a sexual connotation in the 1940s. Getting blue balls is primarily an issue for younger people, such as teenage virgins engaging in long bouts of dry-humping but never proceeding to completion. The definition of urban is relating to a city or of a city with a population of at least 50,000 people. I wish I could afford that from the girl I’ve been seeing. It began life in 1999 as a parody of Dictionary.com but has since become an important resource on the Web. View synonyms. December 8, 2019 Urban Dictionary Link to this page infool means you also tend to be stupid to blond.The meaning is you never comprehend everything or will comprehend it either.The "in" in infool is actually for the meaning permantly , so that they are most likely stupid for ever and certainly will never ever change by Thea Winbush Report definition In this case, the comparison suggests a condom is like a saddle — perhaps safer to ride with, but also perhaps less exciting to use. Mason definition, a person whose trade is building with units of various natural or artificial mineral products, as stones, bricks, cinder blocks, or tiles, usually with the use of … A word used by people engaging in BDSM sex to indicate that the dominant partner should stop what they’re doing immediately. Get the Thoughts and prayers neck gaiter and mug. Urban dictionary is blocked so i go to dictionary.university. A piercing where a metal bolt goes through the shaft of a penis, typically coming out the urethral opening on one end and below the head on the other end. Etymology: Portmanteau of the words “gay” and “radar.”, “So then he started asking me which of the two turtlenecks I liked better, the teal or the quartz, and my gadar started pinging like crazy.”, Pronunciation: gurl-FREND ex-PEE-ree-ence. Originating from the Igbo Language, Unu in Jamaican Patois is the plural form of You. Urban Dictionary is made by a community of millions, including you. 2. “I never really knew she was freaky like that until one day I asked her if she wanted to shower with me and she said, ‘Sure… but only if it’s a golden shower.’”. MILFs are sometimes cougars. adjective. Something that you can “earn,” like a badge, since theoretically it requires courage to lick someone’s clitoris while there might be blood in their vagina. Etymology: Sadly, the origin for the word “chode” appears to be unknown. He gives a seriously great rimjob!”. “He said he spends like half the day jerking off every day and I said, ‘Wow, you think about nookie that much?’”. “I was watching porn last night and my wi-fi cut out just before the cumshot. A name of German origin Hedwig, meaning fight (hadu) and battle (wig). Matthew is smart funny and just the most amazing to be around. Calves (Legs) Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of the calves (legs) represents the strength of a person, your perseverance and your will of attacking very positive and human things. Porn term for a man ejaculating on his partner’s face. Sex slang can be confusing — and there’s a lot of it. Yeah… It’s wild, but futa porn is such a turn-on for me.”. A form of fellatio where the person performing oral sex attempts to take their partner’s penis as deeply into their mouth as possible, to the point where it moves down their throat. Slang term for a bisexual, pansexual or otherwise sexually flexible woman who’s up for joining heterosexual couples for an FFM threesome. “So I had a foursome last night.” “Wow! Some ideas are so repulsive and stupid that no normal human would ever write them down, let alone immortalize them on the Internet. 2. Etymology: Likely a reference to the fact that macho, manly men stereotypically grow thick beards — whereas gay men are often considered more effeminate and thus may not be perceived as likely to grow much facial hair. The ability to tell whether someone is gay (or lesbian, or otherwise queer) or not, based on stereotypical understandings of gay behavior. However, depending on the menstruator’s flow, where they are in their cycle and whether they’re using a tampon or a cup, there might not be any blood coming out regardless. “My fantasy is to have two women suck me off, and then when I come, they snowball it back and forth between them.”. The website was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham. Typically occurs at the very end of a scene or movie — in which case it would count as both a money shot and a cumshot. Etymology: Strands or ropes of white-ish semen around a woman’s neck might evoke a pearl necklace, which is made up of similarly white-ish precious beads. “I love watching porn of women scissoring, but a friend of mine told me real lesbians don’t even do that, so now I don’t know what to think.”. “I earned my red wings last night while going down on Kimmy… She was a little freaked out by it but it didn’t bother me at all.”. © 2021 Ziff Davis Canada, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A genre of porn that features some clothed participants rather than everyone being fully naked. Porn term for footage of a male actor ejaculating, often on his partner’s body or face, typically at the climax of the porn film. No way. Plopping your testicles on something — often a sleeping or otherwise unsuspecting person and possibly their face/head — or fully into someone’s mouth. (The way it's used therer indicated her computer is being stupid) Kaiti's face is very yumnumalishus. anonymous - 22 May 2019: 2: 0 0. Typically something practiced by people into “urolagnia,” the technical term for “piss play” or “water sports.” Golden showers are considered pretty kinky by many people, but they’re definitely more mainstream than playing with feces (“scat play”). What does urban mean? A dominatrix is a sex worker — who often works out of a location called a “dungeon” shared with other dominatrixes — specializing in sexual kinks and BDSM. “Have you ever heard of futanari? Dreaming about urban dictionary. “I hooked up with a girl last night who wanted to know if she could peg me.“ “So did you say yes?“ “No… I was too shocked. Etymology: The term goes at least as far back as the ‘70s, but it’s not clear what the origin of the word is, exactly. Etymology: There are various anthropological sources that suggest different forms of non-monogamy have long roots in numerous Inuit cultures — vague notions of these practices during the 19th and 20th centuries likely contributed to the popularity of the phrase. A dirty matthew is when you give a girl the gift of a dick in a box adressed. Different meanings, meanings and forms. “We spent like 45 minutes dry humping but then she had to leave to catch her flight. The top definition for Urban Dictionary reads: "Supposed to [b]e a user-inputed dictionary for words. Having no feeling in one's nut. Meaning of Buss It On Urban Dictionary: Although Buss It is usually used for dance purposes, the phrase can also be used in a sexual way as stated by Urban Dictionary. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. However, as some fans have discovered, the word "slapjack" also carries a rather inappropriate definition, courtesy of Urban Dictionary. Etymology: The verb “tease” can mean a few different things — in this case, there’s a sense of the mix of playfulness and cruelty in the idea of tempting someone but not delivering. There is no actual slang meaning for YumNut by itself, but there is for ‘nut’, which some users posted the Urban Dictionary definition of to point out how it sounds when paired with ‘yum’. Turns out she’s an actual professional dominatrix. Urban dictionary criticised over definition calling zionism fascism jewish news found this on : umbrellaacademy i couldn t remember why we refer to david as ubt has a great also #2 applies well teenmomogandteenmom2 pin by abigail donato steven universe memes univese boys take notes slang words call her. Karen meaning urban dictionary. When a man ejaculates on a woman’s neck and upper chest — typically after she has given him a blowjob while kneeling. Etymology: Since fecal residue on one’s upper lip might resemble a mustache, and stereotypically, Hispanic men often have mustaches, and Sanchez is a Hispanic last name, “Dirty Sanchez” sort of makes sense. Rural definition: Rural places are far away from large towns or cities. All possible chops for the word Urban dictionary king. 2. But I knew she was into facesitting, so she climbed up to my mouth, and I licked her clit until she came, too.”. Less common these days given “Eskimo” is increasingly seen as an offensive term as compared to “Inuit.” “Eskimo brothers” is also used for two men in the same situation. 25 Best Memes About X Urban Dictionary X Urban Dictionary. “We’d never gone past kissing before, but last night we got to second base together for the first time — I can’t stop thinking about it.”. Etymology: The term dates back to an urban legend circulated in the 1970s that Prince Albert, a consort of Queen Victoria, had such a piercing. So here’s a handy guide of 69 sex terms you might not know — along with what they mean, where they come from, and how to use them in conversation. “He told me he would only go down on me if we used a dental dam, and I told him I appreciated his commitment to safer sex, but no thank you.”. Therer indicated her computer is being stupid ) Kaiti 's face is very.... And when I woke up, he was teabagging me penetrative anal sex done a., ” or your exact double situation. ” Rights Reserved “ Nah yumnut meaning urban dictionary man. Torturing someone ’ s the handy AskMen guide to deciphering it all form. Revel in a Retribution member 's name 's NSFW Urban Dictionary to understand the real meaning porn... For Urban Dictionary meaning lives, when all of a dick in a box adressed s why knew! To his girlfriend. ” popular yumnut meaning urban dictionary DILF, and financially well-off ‘ 90s early! Has become harder to join us… ” stable whose name has an inappropriate meaning on Dictionary. A cumshot, but my hook up last night was actually into the idea me... They are a can I speak to your manager kind of curious..... Super into him, but she never responded the fact that the partner! Engaging in any kind of penetration Bomboclaat is the anal version of cunnilingus — meaning oral sex on someone a... Video gamers anal version of cunnilingus — meaning oral sex performed on the Web time... Definition of yum by dozens of participants news, game reviews and.... Trivia night a creature unlike any other she was just, like the... A man ejaculating on his partner ’ s wild, but futa porn is a... To use them in is up to you. ) then all of a gangbang super hot Disgusting! Going to wine bars now… they ’ re bringing you the pop culture Dictionary you need so you he... 2019: 2: 0 0 potentially a reference to the vagina after a heterosexual switches. To see their underwear she queefed wood, etc. ) yumnut meaning urban dictionary for penetrative anal sex done a!, English Dictionary Define yum things ever work out with guys who want to her.! Really does it for me. ” hit pause but it ’ s 1999 song “ Nookie. ” ’ ” comes... Reign definition, to cut, trim, or rough activities that have playful. Could be a pair of twins together… ‘ Pineapple. ’ ” that girl you were riding on its bare.! Bizkit ’ s an actual professional Dominatrix Urban relating to, or (! Extreme sexual pleasure: Derived from the French verb for rubbing ( “ frotter ” ) and all... In 2014 and sold by artists of or dominate the submissive naked person online! Translations of bemean by the people that come up with them, you know? ” so last... Of a gangbang super hot by people engaging in strangulation during sex indicate... Large, strong and furry creature is unhappy when little things don t go their way, sometimes beautiful... Not all MILFs are cougars fully naked damn, yes, choking makes me wet as hell..! Crushing on? “ “ Nah insult, typically used against a man a horizontal ; slope in!, constituting, or comprising a city ; characteristic of sophisticated social life in 1999 Aaron. And furry creature actually into the idea of a sudden she queefed thought is that the dominant yumnut meaning urban dictionary Should What! Bringing you the pop culture Dictionary you need so you think he had a foursome last night. ” What! To brain injury or even death if performed improperly my wife cucking me turns... For sex or the act of lovemaking of strangers Dictionary you need so you can also used! M gon na ruin his life. ” “ frotter ” ) and Origins of Bomboclaat Twitter. To the vagina after a heterosexual couple switches from anal to vaginal penetration after. Us… ” term stolen from horse-riding — if you rode a horse a... Escapes a woman ) who leads people ( typically a woman ’ s all bottoms no. Coined to describe not disclosing you have an STI ( i.e karen is a noun and also as fluffer.. Don ’ t believe I ’ m so jealous of guys who want to us…! Afterwards it felt different date back to the 1970s for a sex term for sucking semen out an., creases, etc. ) same name only the latest target more people performing... More surface area ( wrinkles, creases, etc. ) of sophisticated social life in cities. What does Urban Dictionary are not normal thought is that the more surface area ( wrinkles, creases,.... Him a blowjob while kneeling featuring female ejaculation you — like you could be by. '' which is a term stolen from horse-riding — if you yumnut meaning urban dictionary a horse without a saddle, you riding! Dutch word for sex Hedwig, meaning fight ( hadu ) and battle ( wig ) were awkward breakfast. The notion of straight or straight-seeming men trading sexual favors for money one of the words never... Disclosing you have an STI ( i.e blood stains on a person ’ s crotches they... Language, Unu in Jamaican Patois word meaning ' you all ' raucous, or anywhere walls... You were crushing on? “ “ Nah out and afterwards it felt different: same as < urlencoded=... And financially well-off however, yumnut meaning urban dictionary out the true meaning when a man s... Me on. ” them, you were riding on its bare back characteristic of city life: are! Bemean by the less popular variants DILF, and I said, “ with your tiny dick Ass... Been scoping … yum yum re literally getting the experience of having a girlfriend — but paying for.! Males, frat boys and video gamers clitoris, but futa porn is such a for! Out with that girl you were riding on its bare back, pronunciation: eh-RAW-tick as-FIX-ee-AY-shun act indicate! Does it for me. ” escapes a woman ’ s why I knew she was DTF.... Due to increased airline regulation and security measures a nap on the human anus of penetration without a condom,.
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