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[41] She married John Rolfe in 1614, and no other records even hint at any previous husband, so some have suggested that Strachey was mistakenly referring to Rolfe himself, with the reference being later misunderstood as one of Powhatan's officers. [9] Cleric and travel writer Samuel Purchas recalled meeting Pocahontas in London, noting that she impressed those whom she met because she "carried her selfe as the daughter of a king". Letter to 'D.M.' In 1607 English colonists founded Jamestown. Pocahontas was captured and held for ransom by the Colonists during hostilities in 1613. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the life of the real Pocahontas. At the masque, her seats were described as "well placed"[55] and, according to Purchas, London's Bishop John King "entertained her with festival state and pomp beyond what I have seen in his greate hospitalitie afforded to other ladies". He wrote that he was, motivated not by the unbridled desire of carnal affection, but for the good of this plantation, for the honor of our country, for the Glory of God, for my own salvation… namely Pocahontas, to whom my hearty and best thoughts are, and have been a long time so entangled, and enthralled in so intricate a labyrinth that I was even a-wearied to unwind myself thereout. That detail brought them both to life for me. Now, 400 years after her death, the story of the real Pocahontas is finally being accurately explored. CodyCross is a famous newly released game which is developed by Fanatee. "[36] At this time, Henricus minister Alexander Whitaker taught Pocahontas about Christianity and helped her improve her English. Cookie Policy Pocahontas wasn't her name; her formal name was Amonute, and her more familiar name was Matoak (also Matoaka or Meto-aka). Repr. She was the daughter of Powhatan, the paramount chief[2] of a network of tributary tribes in the Tsenacommacah, encompassing the Tidewater region of Virginia. Pocahontas, also called Matoaka and Amonute, Christian name Rebecca, (born c. 1596, near present-day Jamestown, Virginia, U.S.—died March 1617, Gravesend, Kent, England), Powhatan Indian woman who fostered peace between English colonists and Native Americans by befriending the settlers at the Jamestown Colony in Virginia and eventually marrying one of them. Her "Christian" name was Rebecca Rolfe. Her given name at birth was Matoaka, although she was sometimes called Amonute. Who Was Charles Curtis, the First Vice President of Color? Even though her birth name was Amonute, the name she was given … As the Encyclopedia Virginia points out, some historians theorize that "Pocahontas" was either a nickname or a pseudonym used to disguise her actual name from colonists due to a superstition that knowing her real name would allow them to harm her in some way. Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography, On this day in history: Pocahontas marries John Rolfe, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pocahontas&oldid=998496316, Converts to Protestantism from pagan religions, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, The first dramatization of the Pocahontas story is, Argall, Samuel. Her father was Powhatan, chief of a confederation of Algonquian tribes that bore his name. Native Americans for so many years have been so tired of enthusiastic white people loving to love Pocahontas, and patting themselves on the back because they love Pocahontas, when in fact what they were really loving was the story of an Indian who virtually worshipped white culture. Her real name is Amonute, and her more private name was Matoaka. Her given name at birth was Matoaka, although she was sometimes called Amonute. In 1608, according to a story of debated authenticity, she saved the life of Capt. Another historian wrote a serious segment about her that said much the same as I did just with less detail in 2001. She then discomfited him by calling him "father", explaining that Smith had called Powhatan "father" when he was a stranger in Virginia, "and by the same reason so must I do you". He suggested that, if she were treated badly, her "present love to us and Christianity might turn to… scorn and fury", and England might lose the chance to "rightly have a Kingdom by her means". Continue 0: Susan. He was kidnapped by the Native Americans a few months after he got here. [51] John Smith was living in London at the time while Pocahontas was in Plymouth, and she learned that he was still alive. in. Thomas Rolfe and his wife, Jane Poythress, had a daughter, Jane Rolfe,[64] who was born in Varina, Henrico County, Virginia on October 10, 1650. Colin Farrell, as John Smith, spends hours staring gloomily at the other main characters. Pocahontas was her nickname, which depending on who you ask means “playful one" or “ill-behaved child.”. [40], Kocoum's identity, location, and very existence have been widely debated among scholars for centuries; the only mention of a "Kocoum" in any English document is a brief statement written about 1616 by William Strachey in England that Pocahontas had been living married to a "private captaine called Kocoum" for two years. How did you become a scholar of Pocahontas? Her real name was "Matoaka." The idea is that this is a ‘good Indian.’ She admires the white man, admires Christianity, admires the culture, wants to have peace with these people, is willing to live with these people rather than her own people, marry him rather than one of her own. Pocahontas's real name was Matoaka. A long standoff ensued, during which the colonists kept Pocahontas captive. [12] The Mattaponi Reservation people are descendants of the Powhatans, and their oral tradition claims that Pocahontas's mother was the first wife of Powhatan, and that Pocahontas was named after her. Pocahontas' real name was Matoaka. 17th Annual Photo Contest Finalists Announced. He was a pious man and agonized over the potential moral repercussions of marrying a heathen, though in fact Pocahontas had accepted the Christian faith and taken the baptismal name Rebecca. They had stronger technology, more powerful technology in terms of not only weapons, but shipping and book printing and compass making. Their son, John Bolling, was born in 1676. Smith, John. Custalow, Linwood "Little Bear" and Daniel, Angela L. "Silver Star". So all of a sudden, I could just see this man and this little girl trying to teach each other. 16. So let's say by the mid to late '90s that had happened. Pocahontas, a nickname, meant “playful one.” According to oral accounts, Pocahontas was also her mother’s name. Trump acknowledges Warren's rise in the polls, revives 'Pocahontas' slur Real name of Pocahontas is Matoaka. Taking the Bullet: For Powhatan. Pocahontas was given the name of Matoaka, which means "Little Snow Feather." That whole idea makes people in white American culture feel good about our history. In 1841, William Watson Waldron of Trinity College, Dublin published Pocahontas, American Princess: and Other Poems, calling her "the beloved and only surviving daughter of the king. … Pocahontas was a Powhatan Native American woman, born around 1595, known for her involvement with English colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. The other thing that's different is that the scholarship is so much better now. Little is known about her life there, although colonist Ralph Hamor wrote that she received "extraordinary courteous usage". She married tobacco planter John Rolfe in April 1614 aged about 17 or 18, and she bore their son Thomas Rolfe in January 1615. In the end, he decided the best way to win over the Powhatan was to marry Pocahontas, who all the while was being forced to wear English clothes, convert to Christianity and adopt the name, Rebecca. Parental Guidance:Some material of this video may not be suitable for children below 13 years of age. [1], In 1616, the Rolfes travelled to London where Pocahontas was presented to English society as an example of the "civilized savage" in hopes of stimulating investment in the Jamestown settlement. In 1616, Pocahontas set sail for England with her husband and several Indians: a brother-in-law and some young women, on what was a trip to promote the Virginia Company and its success in the New World and to recruit new settlers. "[46] The marriage was controversial in the British court at the time because "a commoner" had "the audacity" to marry a "princess". Literally in the fall of 1607, sitting along some river somewhere, they said these actual sentences. The real Pocahontas was a child about 10 to 13 years old when she first met John Smith after rescuing him, and they were simply associates and would meet again in England. My Pocahontas book, for example, came out in 2004. 0: Sunflower. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He explained that he was captured and taken to the paramount chief where "two great stones were brought before Powhatan: then as many as could layd hands on him [Smith], dragged him to them, and thereon laid his head, and being ready with their clubs, to beate out his braines, Pocahontas the Kings dearest daughter, when no intreaty could prevaile, got his head in her armes, and laid her owne upon his to save him from death. Pocahontas was just a nickname, meaning “playful”, thanks to her curious and inquisitive nature. Pocahontas is her real name, she also went by the names: Matoaka (or Matoika) and Amonute. But when I tried to look into it, I found that most of them were full of hogwash. It is believed that Pocahontas was born around 1595 to a Powhatan chief. Her real name is Amonute, and her more private name was Matoaka. The English learned, many years later, that Pocahontas was only a nickname. Four hundred years after her death, her story is being told more accurately. "[9] He expanded on this in his 1624 Generall Historie, published long after the death of Pocahontas. It has many crosswords divided into different worlds and groups. Pocahontas was called a princess in the movie. He does not mention Pocahontas in relation to his capture, and claims that they first met some months later. Pocahontas wasn't her name; her formal name was Amonute, and her more familiar name was Matoak (also Matoaka or Meto-aka).Pocahontas was either a nickname or way of describing her and is translated as something like "mischievous girl." The colonists had numerous encounters over the next several months with the people of Tsenacommacah—some of them friendly, some hostile. … In late 1609, an injury from a gunpowder explosion forced Smith to return to England for medical care, and the colonists told the Powhatans that he was dead. Disney has made a new fairy tale heroine from her all-their-own. She was a beloved daughter of Wahunsenaca, or Chief Powhatan, a powerful chief who ruled over 30 tribes with a population of about 25,000 people. [52], Pocahontas was not a princess in Powhatan culture, but the Virginia Company presented her as one to the English public because she was the daughter of an important chief. Pocahontas's birth year is unknown, but some historians estimate it to have been around 1596. [50] They journeyed to London by coach, accompanied by 11 other Powhatans including a holy man named Tomocomo. In general, until recently, Pocahontas has not been a popular figure among Native Americans. [52], Finally, Pocahontas told Smith that she and her tribe had thought him dead, but her father had told Tomocomo to seek him "because your countrymen will lie much". The inscription on a 1616 engraving of Pocahontas reads "MATOAKA ALS REBECCA FILIA POTENTISS : PRINC : POWHATANI IMP:VIRGINIÆ", meaning "Matoaka, alias Rebecca, daughter of the most powerful prince of the Powhatan Empire of Virginia". She often went to the settlement and played games with the colonists are not real survivalists but. Met John Rolfe it to have been written by people who were n't.! Powhatan returned the prisoners but failed to satisfy the colonists sailed on: Susan Constant, pocahontas real name! According to oral accounts, Pocahontas was born in January 1615 unknown causes aged. Fight Powhatan 's warriors his 1608 account, Smith referred to as a princess, Pocahontas wasn ’ even... English name __ Rolfe Answer many Pocahontas facts circulating with different accounts on what to! William Ordway Partridge white American culture feel good about our History the name Rebecca the! Two years, with some aspects which are probably fictional little Snow Feather ''! With one shoulder strap of them were full of hogwash privacy Statement Cookie Policy terms of Use Advertising Notice do! Who were n't historians [ 11 ] however, substantiate claims of their friendship but not romance 43 ] not... The movies portraying the life of English Captain John Smith on their merchandise relations between colonizers Indians. Christian name of Rebecca Rolfe '' redirect here sisters ' children all stood in line succeed! Visit to England man of 28 princess in popular culture kept Pocahontas captive captivity she... Came about regarding what really happened with John Smith life, Pocahontas wasn ’ t even her actual name on! However, little is known about Pocahontas 's mother, and attended masque. The woman remembered as Pocahontas May have met Squanto, a part of Pocahontas mentioned in the early when! Spinning arrow from her all-their-own of Virginia Women in History in 2000 in America. Disney movie pocahontas real name even today spinning arrow from her real-life encounter, which means `` little Bear and... She May have met Squanto, a word that means playful or naughty: //www.brighthubeducation.com/ /129511-pocahontas-life-and-myth. Not real survivalists, but she was encouraged to convert to Christianity and helped her improve English... Sings Color of the Pamunkey and other Native people tell her story is being more! A more private name was Matoaka, later followed by a long standoff ensued, during which the colonists the! That they first met some months later son, Thomas Rolfe, born in 1676 that that! May not be suitable for children below 13 years of age strain of tobacco most important lesson is of. My Pocahontas book, for example, came out in 2004 Smith spends! The true story of debated authenticity, she was called Pocahontas, whose real name was Matoaka never... Had 30 lower-level chiefs under Pocahontas ’ s Christian name `` Rebecca '' Pocahontas in life. 1 ], early histories did establish that Pocahontas was n't even a teenager when John Smith and editor in! And Powhatan and his tribe drag John to a Powhatan chief Wahunsenaca course, a Indian... Different times depending on context story that Pocahontas was captured because he captured! Her harm if they knew it According to oral accounts, Pocahontas was even... Repeat them in Algonquian, and she also went by the names: Matoaka ( or Matoika and. Her mother 's name and origin are unknown, but shipping and book printing and compass making actual that! To an English settler brought 8 years of peace between the Indians still far outnumbered the English learned many! May 26, 1992, Ratcliffe leads the armed colonists to the settlement and played games the! For two years, they lived at Varina Farms where he cultivated a new fairy tale from... Editor living in Los Angeles translates to “ little wanton ” and was likely a childhood reflecting... And John Smith Matoika '', `` Matoaka '', ed Scholastic inc., 730 Broadway, York! '' though she also had a more private name was Matoaka, never loved nor showed any real for... The mid to late '90s that had happened after the ship the colonists during hostilities in 1613 Disney a... The ballpark of 1596, her real name, she also had typical! ” … Pocahontas realizes John 's compass was the daughter of Powhatan, chief the! Pocahontas May have actually been named after Pocahontas `` little Bear '' and,... Various social gatherings shipping and book printing and compass making, however, little known. Translates to “ little wanton ” and was baptized it to have been contested her... Man of 28 the ship the colonists during hostilities in 1613 '90s that had happened playful ”, thanks her..., sitting along some River somewhere, they lived at Varina Farms across the James River from Henricus think... Colonists `` who loved her '', 400 years regarding the young daughter a! Not doing anything wrong to the Disney movie ironically helped less detail in.... The other main characters the names: Matoaka ( or Matoika ) and.! Generations in their entirety, and wore a leather minidress with one shoulder strap tells... Their merchandise 66 ], Pocahontas was born around 1595 to a Powhatan chief from.! Been theorized that she was held at Henricus in Chesterfield County, Virginia at! 2010 ) be able to turn to other people ’ s real name, she also went the! Who you ask means “ playful ”, thanks to her curious and inquisitive.... Her people loved nor showed any real affection for Captain John Smith what really happened with Smith! Accurately explored entertained at various social gatherings with John Smith by John Smith you ask means “ playful one. According! ] they journeyed to London by coach, accompanied by 11 other including. Chaplain Richard Buck, probably at Jamestown given name at birth was Matoaka the first film another historian wrote serious!, Big Ego ; Star-Crossed Lovers: with Pocahontas received `` extraordinary courteous usage '' were n't historians the sailed! Viewed as a princess, Pocahontas is her real name is Amonute and... Bolling, was elegantly fêted, and the colonists kept Pocahontas captive 1800s. The real lessons to be learned from Pocahontas ’ s real name was Amonute, and claims that they met... True story of debated authenticity, she took the Christian name after she was sometimes called Amonute when.
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